Our Vision

Our Vision

Our aim is to uncover the mechanisms underlying cognitive and social alterations relevant to psychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders with the final goal of developing biologically-based and personalized therapeutic strategies. We employ cross-disciplinary approaches including detailed in vivo studies in genetically modified mice strictly combined with clinical investigations.

Overreaching Research Goals

Overreaching Research Goals
  • To implement more efficient and biologically-supported personalized medicine for cognitive and social alterations relevant to psychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders.
  • To develop a bidirectional mouse-human approach to accelerate the development of precision medicine strategies, with a deeper understanding of the biological mechanisms involved.
  • To investigate genetics, circuits, and cell-type specific mechanisms underlying higher-order cognitive and social processes.
  • To understand the brain-immune system interplay in modulating cognitive and social functions, their developmental trajectories, and the impact of early treatments.

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IIT Publications List

Top publications
Scheggia D., Manago F., Maltese F., Bruni S., Nigro M., Dautan D., Latuske P., Contarini G., Gomez-Gonzalo M., Requie L.M., Ferretti V., Castellani G., Mauro D., Bonavia A., Carmignoto G., Yizhar O., Papaleo F.
Somatostatin interneurons in the prefrontal cortex control affective state discrimination in mice
Nature Neuroscience, vol. 23, (no. 1), pp. 47-60
Ferretti V., Maltese F., Contarini G., Nigro M., Bonavia A., Huang H., Gigliucci V., Morelli G., Scheggia D., Manago F., Castellani G., Lefevre A., Cancedda L., Chini B., Grinevich V., Papaleo F.
Oxytocin Signaling in the Central Amygdala Modulates Emotion Discrimination in Mice
Current Biology, vol. 29, (no. 12), pp. 1938-1953.e6
Scheggia D., Mastrogiacomo R., Mereu M., Sannino S., Straub R.E., Armando M., Manago F., Guadagna S., Piras F., Zhang F., Kleinman J.E., Hyde T.M., Kaalund S.S., Pontillo M., Orso G., Caltagirone C., Borrelli E., De Luca M.A., Vicari S., Weinberger D.R., Spalletta G., Papaleo F.
Variations in Dysbindin-1 are associated with cognitive response to antipsychotic drug treatment
Nature Communications, vol. 9, (no. 1)
Manago F., Mereu M., Mastwal S., Mastrogiacomo R., Scheggia D., Emanuele M., De Luca M.A., Weinberger D.R., Wang K.H., Papaleo F.
Genetic Disruption of Arc/Arg3.1 in Mice Causes Alterations in Dopamine and Neurobehavioral Phenotypes Related to Schizophrenia
Cell Reports, vol. 16, (no. 8), pp. 2116-2128
Scheggia D., Bebensee A., Weinberger D.R., Papaleo F.
The ultimate intra-/extra-dimensional attentional set-shifting task for mice
Biological Psychiatry, vol. 75, (no. 8), pp. 660-670

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