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Diego Torazza

Senior Technician
Robotics Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Research center

Diego Torazza received the Mechanical Engineering degree from the “Università degli studi di Genova” (Unige) in 2004, and Italian State qualification for Mechanical Engineer activity (Section B) in 2007.
His working experience starts in 2004, as a mechanical designer for various research institutes and private companies (INFN, Istituto Italiano di Fisica Nucleare; ASG Superconductors; Italian Institute of Technology) in different fields (nuclear physics research equipment, superconductor magnets, robotics for research and rehabilitation).
Since 2013 he is Senior Technician at IIT.

All Publications
Pippo I., Zenzeri J., Berselli G., Torazza D.
An Innovative Mechanical Solution to Better Understand Human-Robot Interaction Forces
Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering, pp. 683-690
Conference Paper Book Series
Cuturi L.F., Torazza D., Campus C., Merello A., Lorini C., Crepaldi M., Sandini G., Gori M.
The RT-Chair: a Novel Motion Simulator to Measure Vestibular Perception
42nd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC 2020)
Conference Paper Conference
Bonfanti A., Zambra G., Borghi T., Spinelli A.S., Angotzi G.N., Baranauskas G., Maggiolini E., Semprini M., Vato A., Oliynyk A., Torazza D., Budai R., Skrap M., Tomasino B., Fadiga L.
A compact 8-channel system for multi-unit recordings with an autoclavable headstage developed for human brain tumor boundary detection
Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience 2009
Poster Conference