In vivo Optogenetics and Chemogenetics


This example shows the dissection of the functional role of selective PVN OXT projections, by using DREADDs (Designer Receptors Exclusively Activated by Designer Drugs). We injected target areas (CeA, NAcc, CA2, mPFC) with a retrogradely transported canine adenovirus 2 expressing Cre recombinase (CAV2-Cre) and the PVN with an rAAV carrying a double-floxed inverted open reading frame (ORF) (DIO) of hM4D(Gi)DREADD receptor and mCherry under the control of the OXT promoter.



Optogenetics. In this example, we photoinhibited mPFC SOM+ interneurons by injecting SOM::cre transgenic mice with an AAV carrying a double-floxed inverted open reading frame (ORF) (DIO) of halorhodopsin (eNpHR) and –eYFP, and implanting bilaterally optic fibers. Delivery of green light in the mPFC results in SOM+ interneurons neuronal silencing. These mice have been tested in 3 tasks to assess different domains of social cognition such as: Emotion Recognition, Sociability and Social Novelty.