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Antipsychotics generate an imbalance in cortical D2 receptor isoforms only in subjects with reduced dysbindin-1 expression. c The D2S/D2L ratio in the DLPFC was increased in schizophrenia patients with reduced dysbindin-1 expression (Dys Hap −/−, dark blue circles) who tested positive in antipsychotic screening (ADP pos.) compared to Dys Hap+/+ patients (white circles; one-way ANOVA, F(2, 98) = 3.26, p < 0.05; n =101). We did not observe any difference in D2S/D2L ratio from postmortem human brains of the DLPFC of patients with schizophrenia in which antipsychotics where not detected (one-way ANOVA, F(2, 55) = 0.90, p = 0.41; n =58). d The D2S/D2L ratio in the DLPFC from postmortem human brains of healthy subjects was similar across genotypes (n = 199; one-way ANOVA, F(2, 194) = 1.06, p =0.34). Error bars represent S.E.M. *p < 0.05. From Scheggia et al Nature Communications 2018.