Federica Maltese

PhD Student Fellow



IIT Publications

  • 2019
  • Ferretti V., Maltese F.iit, Contarini G., Nigro M., Bonavia A., Huang H., Gigliucci V., Morelli G., Scheggia D., Managò F.iit, Castellani G., Lefevre A., Cancedda L.iit, Chini B., Grinevich V., Papaleo F.iit

    Oxytocin signaling in the central amygdala modulates emotion discrimination in mice

    Current Biology
  • Scheggia D.iit, Managò F.iit, Maltese F.iit, Bruni S.iit, Nigro M.iit, Dautan D.iit, Latuske P.iit, Contarini G.iit, Gomez-Gonzalo M., Requie L.M., Ferretti V.iit, Castellani G.iit, Mauro D.iit, Bonavia A.iit, Carmignoto G., Yizhar O., Papaleo F.iit

    Somatostatin interneurons in the prefrontal cortex control affective state discrimination in mice

    Nature Neuroscience
  • 2017
  • Vannini E., Maltese F., Olimpico F., Fabbri A., Costa M., Caleo M., Baroncelli L.

    Progression of motor deficits in glioma-bearing mice: impact of CNF1 therapy at symptomatic stages

  • Carr G.V., Maltese F.iit, Sibley D.R., Weinberger D.R., Papaleo F.iit

    The Dopamine D5 Receptor Is Involved in Working Memory.

    Frontiers in Pharmacology